Tamboti Game Farm - bow hunt in Africa

Bowhunting 90 minutes from Pretoria

Very good hides of various styles

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The rustle of a leaf, the twang of a bowstring, the flight of the arrow, the fruit of the hunt.. That is adrenaline. That is life. That is bow hunting. Dit is boogjag

Only a hunter connects with nature at its primordial level. For a second he holds power over life and death, as nature holds same over him, since the beginning of time.

On Tamboti you can be part of nature, its beauty and tranquility.

Nowhere can you be so close to your being, so near to yourself.

And at night, looking up from your crackling fire, you can reach for the stars, and touch them.

Tamboti is really the place to hunt with your bow, where the hunt is important and bow hunters return to year after year.

Cold room and slaughter facilities available.

Boogjag plaas

90 minute vanaf Pretoria

Baie wild, goeie skuilings

Boogjag paradys

Slag fasilitieite en koelkamer beskikbaar

Bespreek nou vir 'n onvergeetlike boogjag.