Book a bow hunt

Step 1: Look for dates that suit you on the Calendar. check the accommodation process and check out the available species and game prices .

Step2: Phone Neville (082 854 2882) or send an email to confirm availabilty.

Step 3: Pay the neccessary deposit as per calculator under Accommodation.

Step 4: Send proof of payment by fax (013 656 1022) or email .

Step 5: Enjoy your bow hunt.

Bespreek 'n jag

Stap 1: Kyk vir beskikbaarheid op die Kalender.

Stap2: Stuur 'n epos of bel Neville (082 854 2882) om beskikbaarheid te bevestig.

Stap 3: Betaal die nodige deposito soos op Accommodation.

Stap 4: Stuur bewys van betaling per epos of faks (013 656 1022) aan Neville.

Stap 5: Geniet jou boogjag.